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Divided We Fall to Join New Day Films!

We are pleased to announce that we have been offered (and accepted!) distribution for Divided We Fall by New Day films!  New Day is a film distribution co-op founded by feminist filmmakers in the 1970s seeking a way to distribute their films. This is such a great fit for us on so many levels.  We […]


WHEN:      Tuesday, November 14th, 6 p.m. WHERE:   Milwaukee Central Library 814 W Wisconsin Ave, Community Room 1                      “America is about to be Wisconsinized.”                                    –Paul Buhle, historian […]


We enjoyed a great reception at our screening at the Reel Work Labor Film Fest in Santa Cruz on the 23rd!  The audience was small – only a few dozen persons – (one of the fests founders, Jeffrey Smedburg, said they go for “quality over quantity”) but all were enthusiastic about the film, all stayed […]

Scott Collins: A Grassroots Activist Pens His Review

If you read only one review of Divided We Fall, please read Scott Collins over at Savage Cinema.  It’s long – but well worth the time.  Collins was actively involved in the capitol occupation, and like Harriet Rowan, who is featured in our film and created the Info Station, believes that we accurately represented the […]

Truthout: Trump Is Following Scott Walker’s Playbook

OUTSTANDING article in Truthout.org with contributions by three amazing people featured in our film: Labor organizer Charity Schmidt, long-time leader of Madison Teachers, Inc John Matthews, and .veteran editor of The Progressive Matt Rothschild. I was going to reprint some quotes, but the whole article is incredibly important. These activists describe what happened in Wisconsin in 2011 […]

Jamala Rogers: “Divided We Fall Every Time”

There are lessons to be learned from the Wisconsin Uprising just as there are from the Ferguson Uprising. The new US president has made it clear that our learning curve must be short as he puts his neo-fascist policies and laws in place. We must start racking up some victories.