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Louis Proyect’s Review of Divided We Fall

“Even if you’ve read every article about the Wisconsin struggle as it was unfolding in 2011, nothing comes close to seeing exactly how young people and workers rallied to the capitol building to put their bodies on the line to oppose Scott Walker’s anti-labor assault…”

Louis Proyect reviews Divided We Fall on his blog The Unrepentant Marxist.

Interview for the Driftless Film Festival

Driftless Film Festival interview with director Katherine Acosta Excerpt: It was by luck that I met Michael Billeaux, a TAA activist and former co-president of that union, who was centrally involved in the capitol occupation.  He connected me with other TAA activists and I began to realize that the more interesting story was the dynamics […]

Thoughts on Ruth Conniff & “Next Steps”

As a first time filmmaker, I’m very grateful and honored that the editor of the Progressive, Ruth Conniff, was willing to take a look at our film on the 2011 Uprising, Divided We Fall, and offer her thoughts.  One part of her opinion piece on the next step for progressives following this year’s general election […]

Ruth Conniff on Divided We Fall & the “Next Step” for Progressives

In an election year that stirred hopes with the unlikely and nearly successful grassroots Bernie Sanders campaign, and then headed downhill into the reality TV show that is the 2016 general election, Katherine Acosta’s hard look at the way progressive activists influence (and fail to influence) electoral politics has deep resonance… Read the full article […]

Successful Public Premiere!

We had a great turnout at the Sundance for our first public screening last night – beyond my expectations. Many thanks to all the people and organizations who helped to get the word out! We’re so pleased – and even more so with the thoughtful comments and ideas from the audience. There are so many […]

“Peaceful Protest Pushed Back 100 yards. Why?”

Fascinating video by ReZpectOurWater; evokes so many conflicting thoughts and emotions. When should we allow ourselves to be pushed into “free speech zones” and when should we stand our ground? Maybe if thousands more would join these protesters… After the premiere of our film, which had scenes of the capitol eviction, where people who were not […]