“Peaceful Protest Pushed Back 100 yards. Why?”

Fascinating video by ReZpectOurWater; evokes so many conflicting thoughts and emotions. When should we allow ourselves to be pushed into “free speech zones” and when should we stand our ground? Maybe if thousands more would join these protesters…

After the premiere of our film, which had scenes of the capitol eviction, where people who were not willing to be arrested were directed to one area, and those who were directed to another, an older woman came up to me and said: “We have to get over this idea that we can’t get arrested. We got arrested in the ’60s.”

I remembered the “fill up the jails” strategy deployed by the Southern Christian Leadership conference in Birmingham, Alabama during the black civil rights movement – and how those kids bravely went to jail singing.

I don’t mean to minimize the danger involved, especially in these days of tasers, police willing to shoot as a first resort rather than a last, etc, etc. But what will it take for the will of the people to be heard?

All blessings, respect, and good energy to these courageous protesters! #StandwithStandingRock