Scott Collins: A Grassroots Activist Pens His Review

If you read only one review of Divided We Fall, please read Scott Collins over at Savage Cinema.  It’s long – but well worth the time.  Collins was actively involved in the capitol occupation, and like Harriet Rowan, who is featured in our film and created the Info Station, believes that we accurately represented the capitol occupation.

Further, Collins also “gets” in a profound way what we were trying to convey in this treatment of the Uprising.  One (of many) examples:

Acosta does include moments and individuals from when our state-wide struggle became nations and even global, with images of filmmaker Michael Moore and former MSNBC host Ed Schultz’s visits to our state making the cut in this film.  But, Acosta very smartly never slides her subject matter into any sense of celebrity.  She elicits a razor sharp focus upon the common, everyday Wisconsin individuals who found it within themselves to rise to this unprecedented occasion, and in doing so, all of them (in my opinion) became Civil Rights heroes in the process…

This paragraph really brought tears to my eyes as that was EXACTLY our goal.  Yes, Tom Morello is a great guy.  And who doesn’t enjoy Tony Shalhoub?  Yes, Dennis Kucinich has great political insights.  But this is not their story.  It’s the story of ordinary Wisconsinites doing the extraordinary to stand up for what they believed was right.

Over and over through the review, Collins indicates that our message, our intent, succeeded with him.  One thing I have observed through reviews and interviews for Divided We Fall is that our film really resonates with grassroots activists, while what I call “establishment liberals” are often either baffled or irritated.

Check out Collins’ amazing review!  Then head over to the Wisconsin Film Festival 2017 Film Guide, get your tix, and join us for the screening on April 2nd at the Barrymore! (Be patient for a sec until the pop-up that takes you directly to our film appears.)