Truthout: Trump Is Following Scott Walker’s Playbook

OUTSTANDING article in with contributions by three amazing people featured in our film: Labor organizer Charity Schmidt, long-time leader of Madison Teachers, Inc John Matthews, and .veteran editor of The Progressive Matt Rothschild. I was going to reprint some quotes, but the whole article is incredibly important.

These activists describe what happened in Wisconsin in 2011 – and the implications for the nation with the Trump presidency.

“We knew when Walker was elected that there would be a shift in state politics toward austerity policies and defunding public education and services, but few foresaw how severe and swift that shift would be,” [Charity] Schmidt explained. “The attacks were immediate, and just like Trump, he wasted no time in announcing controversial legislation, and started with acts that would be the most polarizing.”

As historian Paul Buhle says, “America is about to be Wisconsinized.”

Read the whole article here.