How to Host a Screening in Wisconsin

We are pleased to announce that we’re now offering community screenings of Divided We Fall in Wisconsin! We want our film to be seen by wide audience, especially now that so many groups are springing up and organizing to resist the Trump agenda – an agenda that has roots here in Wisconsin with the Walker administration. So the time is right to take another look at our historic 2011 Uprising, critically analyze our successes and failures, and build a powerful movement for progressive social change.

To that end, we are offering easy-to-arrange, low-cost community screenings, beginning in Wisconsin. We suggest that you organize a screening in conjunction with another event or action for your community or activist group. It’s a great way to get people to a meeting, attract new members, and build interest for the work your group is doing.

How much does it cost to have a screening?

Our appearance and screening fee in Wisconsin is $350, discounted to $150 for nonprofits, payable in full when you book your screening date. The fee includes:

  • Exhibition of Divided We Fall in high-quality ProRes format
  • Projection equipment if your venue lacks a projector
  • Publicity materials (downloadable from our website) to promote your screening
  • Q and A with director Katherine M Acosta

Event organizers (you!) handle ticket sales to the screening and receive 100% of ticket revenues.

What about the venue for the screening?

Event organizers are responsible for securing a venue. Commercial movie theater rental fees can be very high. To make the screening affordable for your organization, it may be better to secure a free or low-cost venue such as a school auditorium, church, or union hall. Many schools and churches have projection equipment.

If your venue does not have a projector, we can still provide a high-quality viewing experience! We will bring projection equipment with a professional PA system at no extra cost to the event hosts.

How do I get started?

  • Email us through our contact form to suggest a date and time. Be sure to check what is already on our calendar on the Upcoming Screenings page
  • After we have an agreed-upon tentative date, download our Appearance and Screening agreement, fill it out, scan, and return to us via email to
  • When we receive the signed agreement, we’ll bill you for the screening. Once we receive payment, the date and time are confirmed.
  • Publicize your event! We have photos, a poster, and a sample press release on our publicity page that you may download and adapt for your event.