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SAVAGE CINEMA: When We Fought & How We Lost

If you read only one review of Divided We Fall, please read Scott Collins over at Savage Cinema.  It’s long – but well worth the time.   Collins gets, in a profound way, what we were trying to do with our film.

5 Questions Interview with Lake Front Row

Every year David Klein of LakeFrontRow.com asks directors of films in the “Wisconsin’s Own” section of the Wisconsin Film Fest 5 questions about work.  Read our interview with Klein here.

Support for Wisconsin Teachers

Rob Thomas: ‘Divided We Fall’ is a case study of the Act 10 protests

Talking with activist leaders who were there, “Divided We Fall” takes the audience inside the war rooms and strategy sessions of the Act 10 protests…

Jamala Rogers: “Divided We Fall Every Time”

There are lessons to be learned from the Wisconsin Uprising just as there are from the Ferguson Uprising. The new US president has made it clear that our learning curve must be short as he puts his neo-fascist policies and laws in place. We must start racking up some victories.

Access to Democracy Denied - Wisconsin protests at the capitol

Louis Proyect’s Review of Divided We Fall

“Even if you’ve read every article about the Wisconsin struggle as it was unfolding in 2011, nothing comes close to seeing exactly how young people and workers rallied to the capitol building to put their bodies on the line to oppose Scott Walker’s anti-labor assault…”

Louis Proyect reviews Divided We Fall on his blog The Unrepentant Marxist.

movie - drumline at Wisconsin protest

Historian Paul Buhle’s review of Divided We Fall in Portside

“America is about to be Wisconsinized…”

Historian and author Paul Buhle (It Started in Wisconsin) links the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising and subsequent forcible implementation of Governor Scott Walker’s radical Republican agenda to our current national nightmare in his review of Divided We Fall at Portside.org.

Interview for the Driftless Film Festival

Driftless Film Festival interview with director Katherine Acosta Excerpt: It was by luck that I met Michael Billeaux, a TAA activist and former co-president of that union, who was centrally involved in the capitol occupation.  He connected me with other TAA activists and I began to realize that the more interesting story was the dynamics […]

Ruth Conniff on Divided We Fall & the “Next Step” for Progressives

In an election year that stirred hopes with the unlikely and nearly successful grassroots Bernie Sanders campaign, and then headed downhill into the reality TV show that is the 2016 general election, Katherine Acosta’s hard look at the way progressive activists influence (and fail to influence) electoral politics has deep resonance… Read the full article […]

Review of Divided We Fall in the Progressive

Ruth Conniff reviews our movie in the Progressive magazine: Divided We Fall: A Hard Look at Progressive Defeats

Wisconsin state capitol protesters


Esty Dinur: “As its title suggests, Divided We Fall is not another nostalgia film about the Wisconsin Uprising…”

WIN logo

Interview with Workers Independent News!

Great interview about our film with Workers Independent News, broadcast via WORT on Friday, October 7, 2016. Listen to our interview below. Listen to the full October 7th, 2016 Labor Radio report here.

Movie clip to be shown at Fighting Bob fest 2016, Breese Stevens field

See A Clip at Fighting Bob Fest!

Fighting Bob Fest is planning to show several film clips at their kickoff and we just learned a 10 minute clip of our film will be included!  We’re so honored to be part of the fest.

Esty Dinur Archive - Listen on SoundCloud

Hear Us on the Radio!

Listen to Divided We Fall director Katherine Acosta (me!) and TAA activist Matt Kearney on Esty’s Dinur’s show “A Public Affair” on WORT, 8/5 noon! Matt is heavily featured in our film and we’re lucky to have him.  He knows more about the Wisconsin Uprising than probably anybody on the planet.  That’s no exaggeration.  The […]