Access to Democracy Denied - Wisconsin protests at the capitol

Louis Proyect’s Review of Divided We Fall

“Even if you’ve read every article about the Wisconsin struggle as it was unfolding in 2011, nothing comes close to seeing exactly how young people and workers rallied to the capitol building to put their bodies on the line to oppose Scott Walker’s anti-labor assault…”

Louis Proyect reviews Divided We Fall on his blog The Unrepentant Marxist.

One clarification:  Proyect writes that “Acosta directed her film crew throughout the occupation…”  In fact, we never had a crew or funding for that!  Most of the action footage in the film comes from the Wisconsin Uprising Archive, a community archive of media created by Uprising participants.  The film wouldn’t be as exciting as it is without that source and we think it’s really cool that most of the footage in the film was produced by activists.