Our Team

We are fortunate on our project to combine sociological expertise with experienced filmmaking.

Katherine M Acosta, director, producer, and writer for the project is a sociologist turned filmmaker.  She earned her PhD in sociology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she earned two graduate teaching awards and worked as a lecturer.  She later moved to Madison, Wisconsin where she worked on several grant-funded research project.   After the historic 2011 protests in Madison, she decided to combine her passion for documentary film with her sociological research skills to try her hand at film making.  She learned through teaching that students were most readily engaged in sociological analysis through film. Storytelling, after all, is the way that humans have shared history and knowledge for millennia. Divided We Fall is her first film.



Richard Acklin, her partner in life and filmmaking, serves as co-producer and production sound engineer.



Gretta Wing Miller and Aarick Beher, The Downtown Dailies/blue studio team, bring decades of experience to post-production. Gretta has been a film & video editor and instructor since 1978, working mostly on documentary television series and specials (American Masters, National Geographic) and independent features. She has taught film editing at Hunter College (CUNY),Final Cut Pro tutorials, and Digital Filmmaking in the College for Kids program through the UW-Madison Education Outreach.

Aarick Beher is a life-long musician and music producer, working with many of the most creative artists and song writers in Madison, Wisconsin.aarick

Gretta and Aarick have collaborated as Picture and Sound on many projects since 1999. They currently fund their independent projects by creating affordable documentary and advocacy video and audio for independent artists and non-profit organizations.

katiekampyKatie Kamperschroer, recent UW-Madison graduate (Communication Arts) and Divided We Fall volunteer, created the trailer for our film.  Katie has experience in post-production and directing, having made short promotional pieces for Madison’s UW Housing and films such as Jurassic World and Ant Man.  She has also created and edited music videos and short sketch pieces for local talent.